Water looks after us, so let's look after water.

While our water storage dams are looking full and healthy this summer, we all still need to do our bit to look after the water we have. Over summer, we're urging everyone to save a drop when and where possible. Saving water can be as easy as reducing your shower time to four minutes, turning the tap off while you soap your hands or brush your teeth, and reusing water on from indoors on your garden. It’s not about making big sacrifices – it’s about throwing out old habits and replacing them with ones that put less strain on this precious resource. We don’t want you to stop using water, we just want you to think before you turn the tap on.

Gardens – big or small - are the area where huge amounts of water are used. In fact, 25-50 per cent of a household’s water use is outdoors. Introducing water efficient tips and tricks will ensure your garden stays lush and your water bill doesn’t balloon over the drier months. Why not take some time over the holiday period and look into whether a rain tank might be a good option for you and your household. You can find out more here.

Water looks after us, so let's look after water and save a drop this summer.

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