Be a local water-saving hero

To help Auckland’s water supply recover from the drought, we ask that everyone plays their part and reduces water use indoors by at least 20 litres a day - that's two buckets of water. It may seem like a lot, but by making small changes to your daily routine it's easy to do.

If you're wondering when to start saving 20 litres, well, the answer is today. And, if you're wondering how to save 20 litres, look no further, our tips below will have you saving 20 in no time.

And don’t forget – if your home’s connected to Auckland’s metropolitan water supply, there are mandatory restrictions that limit how you can use this precious resource outdoors. Put simply, do not use your hose or water-blasting device if they connect to our network. 

Before we get to the tips, did you know?

Washing machines use an average of 122 litres of water every load. Can you commit to washing one load less each week and save a whole lot of water? Don't be a drip, be a water-saving hero.

Rob Tinholt loads his washing machine.


Four tips to be a water-saving hero

  1. Spend a minute less in the shower: save 12 litres
  2. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth or shave: save 4 litres
  3. When possible, use a half flush when flushing the toilet: save 6 litres
  4. Fix a leaking tap: save 33 litres a day

Check out our  tips page for loads more suggestions on how to use water wisely or download the resource below.  

Make it your mission to save 20 litres of water a day, every day.


Make it your mission to save 20 litres of water a day, every day.

It's easy to save 20 when you know how.   


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