Sam and Flo books

Our Sam and Flo books are a great way to engage young children in a conversation about water.

Sally Smith - our previous education coordinator - has crafted the tale of Sam and a water drop named Flo as they embark on a fantasy quest to find out where their drinking water comes from.

Beautifully illustrated by Auckland artist Emma Scheltema, Sam and Flo was a finalist in the Best Primary Resource category at the 2018 Copyright Licensing Education Awards, and is much-loved at many Auckland schools.

Book #1

Sam and Flo's Watery Adventure

Join Sam as he goes on an adventure with Flo to find out where his drinking water comes from.

Travel with them through the water cycle to the treatment plant and beyond.

Book #2

Sam and Flo Go Round the Bend

Join Sam & Flo again as they go on an adventure to find out where the water goes when it disappears down the plughole. 

Travel with them through the wastewater pipes to the wastewater treatment plant and beyond. 

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These books are just as useful at home as in the classroom. You can order Sam and Flo’s Amazing Watery Adventure or Sam and Flo Go Round the Bend by emailing your order details to Each book costs $29.95.