Did you know there are plenty of ways you can help save water around your home? If you complete each of these challenges for a week, you'll help make Auckland's water supply last longer and help the environment. And you'll also save your parents money!

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Download our Water Guardian's challenge.

Take the challenge

A fun list of tips and tricks to help reduce water use around your house.  


The leak police

Even if there are no obvious leaks, you might still have one. Another way you can reduce water wastage at home is to check that none of your taps or appliances are leaking. You can easily check all taps, toilets, and shower heads in your house for leaks. Make a list and tell your parents - bonus points if you help fix them too! 

First, check for obvious leaks:

  • Look for dripping taps, inside and outside.
  • Check your toilet by putting a few drops of food colouring in the cistern. If colour ends up in the toilet bowl without any flushing, you have a leak.
  • Look behind your dishwasher and washing machine for any signs of water.
  • Look for damp patches outside your house, on the walls, garden, or driveway.

Remember, the most important thing is that you stay safe while on leak police patrol. Ask an adult at home to give you a hand - they can help you find your water meter which you can use to figure out if you have a leak. Before you set off, watch this handy video. 

Help save water today

Downloadable resource showing kids how to read a water meter and use it to check for leaks

Help save water today

Learn how to read a water meter and use it to check for leaks

Junior Water Guardians' resources

Posters and fact sheets

Water is always with us. It's a really big part of our lives in so many ways. Water will look after us as long as we try to understand more about it and look after it in return. That's why we've bundled some interesting water facts and fun games all into one place to help you spread the Junior Water Guardians' message with your whānau and classmates. 

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